Robot Hair-Transplant Device Gets FDA Nod

April 29, 2011 -- A robotic tool for harvesting hair follicles now has a green mild from the FDA.

Sorry, Blondie and Curly -- at the moment, it is accepted only for humans with black or brown immediately hair. Blond and curly-haired people had been now not blanketed in the studies that led the FDA to provide its 510(okay) premarket notification, which allows sale of a device.

The tool speeds the technique of harvesting -- casting off -- hair follicles from bushy components of the top or body for later transplant to bald scalp. it could be utilized in a technique known as follicular unit extraction or FUE, an alternative to an older technique wherein a strip of hair is removed and separated into smaller devices for transplant.

One trouble with FUE is that it takes numerous hours, and occasionally a couple of periods, for a physician to punch out the thousand or so tiny, - to 6-hair follicle gadgets wanted for a herbal looking hair transplant. every other problem is that it's far very difficult to inform exactly in which the follicle lives. Guessing incorrect results in slicing up a healthful follicle (what medical doctors name "transection") and dropping it forever.

For these reasons, and due to the fact a few people honestly are not right candidates for FUE, many hair-restoration medical doctors decide on the older strip approach. however the strip leaves a scar throughout the returned of the top, this is substantive if a person wears his or her hair quick. And the strip method method longer recuperation time for the affected character.

Now recuperation Robotics Inc. says it has a better manner to perform FUE: the Artas device.

The Artas machine has an picture-guided robot arm, special imaging technology for steerage follicle-unit elimination, small dermal punches, and a computer interface. It also corrects for moderate affected character motions.

The robotic is predicted to make FUE faster and less hard on both the affected individual and the doctor. And because guide FUE is a very tough approach to master, the robot is expected to make FUE much less tough to take a look at. recovery Robotics says the fee of the tool must be offset via the monetary savings a scientific health practitioner will realize from being capable of do extra FUE techniques with fewer assistants.

"We did display within the FDA trials the Artas device’s capability to fulfill equivalency in hair follicular survival, transection prices, and safety to 5bf1289bdb38b4a57d54c435c7e4aa1c manual FUE techniques," Miguel Canales, MD, medical director for healing Robotics, says in an email to WebMD.

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